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I’m here to help you to achieve your running goals and ambitions. 

You might want more structure and accountability for your training, and support with motivation.  Perhaps you are thinking of running an ultra marathon and would like a structured coaching to achieve that safely.  Or maybe you are unsure and want to explore what to do next with your running. 

All my coaching begins with a conversation about your running, your ambitions and what you would like to achieve from coaching (online or face to face if you are in West Yorkshire).

My coaching expertise is a combination of evidence-based theory and 17 years of personal experience. 


I take a mentoring approach that focuses on enabling you to explore your own running goals and create training plans to help you to achieve these. I understand that life’s pressures can make it difficult to get time to run so I create plans tailored to your needs and day to day life.  


Individual coaching

We start with a conversation about you and your running, identifying your ambitions and goals, and how these can work with your day to day life.


You receive:

  1. Bespoke training schedule to help you achieve your aims, with ongoing adaptations to ensure it continues to suit your needs

  2. Online or face to face chat every 3 months or prior to key event

  3. Online coaching account.

£45 per month

8 week plan



We start with an online conversation about you and your running goals. I create a one-off 8 week tailored training plan based on your goals and needs. 

You receive 

  1. Online consultation

  2. Personalised 8 week training plan tailored to your needs and goals


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