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Individual Coaching

Working towards a specific event?  Individual remote coaching can support you to achieve your goal safely 

Three runners on Bob Graham Round recce in foreground descend rocky path down valley towards tarn

"The coaching system works really smoothly. Kate puts the training plan for a week into an app, and I can just check on the calendar what I'm supposed to do. If work clashes with a session, or I get a cold, I message her and my schedule magically adapts---suddenly my plan is consistent with my life again without me having to stress about what to do. If I give feedback on how the training sessions go through the app, then those also lead to tweaks in what gets planned in. We keep in touch through the messenger in the app, and she responds very quickly to queries. From time to time we have a phone call to talk in more detail about how things are going, and that's a great chance to talk through other aspects of my preparation---fueling, hydration, kit, and so on." - Robbie

We start with a conversation about you and your running, identifying your goals & motivations, and how training can work with your day to day life.

You receive:

  1. Bespoke training schedule with real-time adaptations to ensure it continues to suit your needs

  2. 8-weekly video/phone chat 

  3. Unlimited messaging

  4. Race preparation and nutrition planning

  5. Regular feedback and progress reviews

  6. Online coaching account 

£65 per month

Runner and Bob Graham Round supporter ascend hill with lake district valley in background
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