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Bob Graham Round

Athlete-specific coaching for the Bob Graham Round

Runner in silhouette touches top of Fairfield at sunset during Bob Graham Round attempt

I started working with Kate in September 2022, and in May 2023 I completed my major goal: a Bob Graham Round (a rout of 66 miles, 8000m ascent in the Lake District) in 22h 45 minutes.


The really obvious improvement during this time is my long endurance. I used to go into "limp home mode" towards the end of really long runs (way shorter than I had to run for the BGR), but her training plan meant that I was running into Keswick 22 hours into the round with good form. My descending skills over technical terrain have improved a lot too. I've noticed that while I used to have been jumps and dips of form, without much rhyme or reason---since working with Kate I've steadily and cumulatively improved, with no real dips.

A remarkable thing is that the training to get to this point typically took less of my time than when I was trying to build towards this goal without a coach (this is great for domestic harmony). Partly that's because Kate has made me take recovery way more seriously. But also it's because every session has a purpose, and I'm no longer doing runs simply to achieve my arbitrary weekly mileage target. Kate also incorporates the social runs I  enjoy into the training---the plan fits around my lifestyle and priorities, not the other way around.

I'd very strongly recommend Kate as a coach to any runner with a big off-road goal they want to achieve."  -Robbie

This is a coaching package for a Bob Graham Round.  We focus on terrain-specific training, motivation, hill-skills and navigation as well as covering the wider considerations of a successful round.

You receive:

  • Personalised training schedule to fit your day-to-day life

  • Navigation and hill skills half-day session

  • Advice on event-day planning, nutrition and pacing

  • 8-weekly video/phone session

  • Regular feedback and progress updates

  • unlimited messaging

  • Free online coaching account

£75 per month

*Please note, this is not a guided round but aims to equip you to undertake your own, supported round according to the ethos of the round

Woman in foreground running down grassy hill on Bob Graham Round route, with mountains and lake in distance
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