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Beginner Coaching

Just starting out with running?  I provide structure so you can increase your running safely and build a solid foundation

My coaching is based on up-to-date research but is more than just a training plan.  You receive ongoing support for motivation as well as a schedule that adapts to your needs.

You receive:

  • Personalised training schedule

  • Real-time adaptations to accommodate daily life

  • Unlimited messaging

  • 8-weekly video/phone calls

  • Regular feedback and progress reviews

  • Support with race selection & preparation

  • Free online coaching account

£65 per month

Runner surveys lake district valley in misty morning light

"I have been coached by Kate for nearly 2 years now and have seen immense improvements in my running. She keeps me focused organised and adds much needed structure to my training. She listens to my focuses and tailors the training to suit that. Her mountain and running experience really show and her care and attention to detail are brilliant. she focuses not just on the physical training but checks in and makes sure I'm OK, I'm eating well and accounts for any niggles I may have too. thanks Kate 🙂👍" - Tanya

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